Writing on Art

From 2003-2011 Doug Haynes was editor of Wisconsin Visual Artists Magazine, a publication for professional artists of the state. This has given occasion to write many reviews and articles.

On ocassion articles have appeared by other authors featuring Haynes' work.

Haynes is also the owner of the website business www.fineartpost.com He has written several articles which relate to artists and their websites.
A number of those articles can be found here fineartpost.com/fap/admin/marketing/index.php
State Street Adult Coloring Book , 2021
여술 신앙의 정원 , 2021
Foreword to Marguerite Wildenhain and the Bauhaus : an eyewitness anthology, Don Hunt, 2007

Wisconsin Visual Artists Magazine, The Making of the State Street Coloring Book, January 2022
Gopeltoday.co.kr, Seeing my Father out/ 2021
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Gopeltoday.co.kr, Applying Scripture to Modern Context1, Published in translation 2019
wisdomcrumbs.com Chuck Bauer Breaks New Ground 8/13/2019
www.gospeltoday.co.kr, Finding Meaning in a Work of Art, Published in translation 2019
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Wisdomcrumbs.com, Artists’ Information Superhighway Soon to be a Dirt Road 2017
Wisconsin Visual Artist's Magazine, 'In Memory of Theron Caldwell Ris' by Doug Haynes Aug 2016
Movement and Word, by JungJa Lee, edited and illustrated by Doug Haynes 2015
Wisdomcrumbs.com, A show worth viewing: Elizabeth Palay 2014
Wisdomcrumbs.com, An old problem with the church 2014
Wisconsin Visual Artist's Magazine, '30 Paintings in 30 Days' by Doug Haynes Nov 2013
Wisconsin Visual Artist's Magazine, 'The Arts Face Severe Funding Cuts' by Doug Haynes May 2011
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www.emeraldstudio.com, “How Others See Me” 2010
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Wisconsin Visual Artist's Magazine, 'Looking at Arts Incubators' by Doug Haynes Aug 2009
Wisconsin Visual Artist's Magazine, 'The Art of the Graphic Novel' by Doug Haynes May 2009
Korean Student Association Directory, 'Korean Influences', by Doug Haynes 2008
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Art in Wisconsin, 'Northwoods Art Scene' by Doug Haynes July-Aug 2006
Art in Wisconsin, 'Original or Gicle?' by Doug Haynes Nov-Dec 2005
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Art in Wisconsin, 'Robert Grilley Retrospective' by Doug Haynes May-June 2005
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American Artist Finishing a Painting', by Doug Haynes April 2003
Art in Wisconsin, 'An Effective Website for the Artist' by Doug Haynes Spring 2003
Guest: Portalwisconsin.org online chat: "Three Wisconsin Artists Who Went to Japan 12/3/02
Radio Interview: Nagano Japan 10/7/02
Japan Journal, Japan Information Center, Chicago, IL "Wisconsin Artists Exchanged with Japan" Sept. 2002
Guest: Portalwisconsin.org online chat "Finding Places to Exhibit Your Work." 8/27/02
Art in Wisconsin - "Illusions of Eden - a review", by Doug Haynes Spring 01
Mature Lifestyles, cover art 3/01
Art in Wisconsin - "WP&S-Japan Exchange" June / July 00
Art in Wisconsin, 'Book Review: Hanging by a Thread' by Doug Haynes May-June 2006

Wisconsin State Journal, Isthmus in Monochrome, by Gayle Worland 12/31/2021
Isthmus, More books, by Linda Falkenstein, 12/1/2021
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Television Broadcast Fox 47, WPT - "The Governor's Awards 1/01
Capitol Times- "American Girl murals done locally" 8/24/00
Mount Horeb Mail-"Haynes to Create Paintings for Governor's Awards" 6/22/00
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Madison Business Journal- "The Art of Life" 12/14/98
Waunakee Tribune- "Doug Haynes" 5/12/94
Wisconsin State Journal- "Mural in a Tunnel" 6/93

Works by Doug E. L. Haynes