Korean Sketchbooks

30 years ago I married JungJa Lee. Since then Korea has become a second home. In 2011-12 I lived in Seoul. That life has led to a number of paintings and drawings created in and inspired by Korea. This work is now gathered in the exhibition Korean Sketchbooks at the Seenbock gallery at 1922 University Ave. in Madison, WI. There will be a reception on Saturday January 7th from 2-4 PM. The show can also be seen weekdays from 9-4 until January 28th.

A number of genres are represented in this show. There are still life watercolor paintings created in my Seoul apartment. There is a fictional comic book love story that was used as a teaching tool for students of English. I made a number of observational paintings and sketches to capture moments of interest in Korea. Some drawings I made over there were intended to share American culture and geography with Koreans. During my stay I documented a memorable trip to Jeju island with sketches and a monumental painting. I include several portraits of family and self. The show has a photo portfolio which includes a series of portraits of my wife’s family. Those originals remain with family in Korea.

The work in this show hovers between the perspective of an outsider and insider. Although I am a native of Wisconsin, I have been a student of Korean language and culture for 30 years. The access I have gained as a result of being integrated into my wife’s family provides a perspective that is not commonly available. I still have deep Wisconsin roots, but have enjoyed tasting the colorful, lively and intense culture that is Korea.

Doug E. L. Haynes

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